Zetrix Wallet

A seamless wallet that gives you access to Zetrix blockchain based applications.

Zetrix Wallet

A seamless wallet that gives you access
to Zetrix blockchain based applications.

A complete tool to start transacting within the blockchain.

Receive, store or send your ZETRIX coins.

Start transacting with dApps across Zetrix. Vault key, secure login, and token wallet — everything you would need to safely transact with your digital assets.

Explore blockchain dApps

Access and connect to blockchain-based applications using the Zetrix Wallet, a seamlessly designed wallet that provides a fast and secure way to interact across the blockchain.

Take control of your data.

Zetrix’s non-custodial wallet allows you to take control of your assets security. Your password and keys are only at your discretion.

Coming Soon!

NFT storage compatibility

Present your Zetrix-based NFT collection using the gallery that will be compatible with the mobile app wallet.

Frequently asked questions

If you don't have any ZETRIX in your wallet, you are still able to receive signature requests and deposit ZETRIX from other platforms. However, if you're looking to withdraw/transfer out your ZETRIX, it will incur a network fee (gas fees) in ZETRIX coin. Hence, we recommend that you always leave a small number of ZETRIX in your wallet to withdraw your assets.

Each installation of the Zetrix Wallet is uniquely generated on a device with a specific address. To recover or import your account on other devices, you will need to enter your initial security key provided during registration. You may do this by heading to the navigation panel at the top left of the wallet and select "Import Account"

The answer is NO. You will not be required to enter any memo when depositing your ZETRIX coin into the wallet.

The Zetrix Wallet is only able to support ZETRIX and any ZETRIX-based tokens derived from ZTP-20, ZTP-721 and ZTP-1155.

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